First of all let me tell you guys my setup,

I have 1 PC , 3 laptops , 3 smartphones and 1 ePad in my house and a LINKSYS WAG120N ADSL2+ modem router. Till today I used BSNL adsl broadband. Today I changed to SSV cable broadband services.

Now the guys just put a ethernet cable through a switch at the top of my building to my house and plugged it into my PC's ethernet PORT. I removed it and plugged it into the LAN port of my router . The pc to which the router is connected by wire was the first one to connect to the internet and ti works just fine. But the other laptops(Both of them running win 7) and the smartphones can't seem to connect to the internet. But can detect and connect to the wireless connection.

After a lot of research I found that the cable broadband guys register the MAC address of the PC(and only one connection is allowed) and thus no other laptops can connect.

Can any of u guys shed some light on a workaround for this situation?