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    Conrad Wolfram, strategic director of Wolfram Alpha and brother of Stephen Wolfram, the website抯 creator, said: 揟he plan is to launch it Monday next, May 18. That抯 the plan. It抯 a really complicated process to get this all out and deployed, but we抮e fairly confident we抣l hit that date.?br />
    Wolfram Alpha is a natural search engine, which filters information and data stored in its own vast databases to answer specific search queries, such as the GDP of Mexico, or a list of English counties. The aim is to return a single search result with the right answer, rather than a list of thousands of web pages which may or may not contain the information needed, as is the case with other search engines, like Yahoo! and Google.

    Dr Stephen Wolfram, 49, is an eminent British physicist who wrote the Mathematica computer language, which is used by scientists and researchers to perform complex calculations. Both he and his brother believe Wolfram Alpha will be complementary to Google, rather than a director competitor. 揑 think Wolfram Alpha has the potential to be quite important,?said Dr Wolfram.

    揑f you use a search engine, it抯 a bit like a librarian who gives you a whole set of papers that you need to look through to get the answer. If you use Wolfram Alpha, it抯 more like having your own personal analyst who takes the question you抳e got and tries to come back with a specific set of answers unique to your question,?said Conrad Wolfram.

    Google yesterday announced its own take on computational search. A new tool, Google Squared, allows users to type in a specific query and receive a list of information that relates to that search term. For example, a search for London boroughs will return a list of all boroughs alphabetically, along with links to relevant websites and information about population and the leader of the council. The results are presented in a grid, and users can remove columns of unwanted information or add a column of data they would prefer to see.


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    Google was not built in a day.

    I am die hard Google fan. The way they changed our world is something we should never forget.

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    hmm quite nice ... if it works as described then it will be a good challenge for google to come up with the same, but as of now even if this site is better than google it will take months or even years to be noticed by everyone who are using google...The most funniest thing is when people hear about this search engine they will search this in GOOGLE ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirankumargb View Post
    The most funniest thing is when people hear about this search engine they will search this in GOOGLE ...

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    Looks cool. Thanks for the info

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    The One


    I had came across Wolfram Beta quite some time earlier. And, I don't think it can make itself what it is called, "Google Killer"...

    I tend to laugh when I her that. But, they might actually kill Google if they are willing to pay us money for everything they do for us.

    It might have a chance of coming second. But, no chance now, for the first place.

    P.S: I am also a Google fan. :thumbup1:

    Edit: ops: It was alpha, and not beta.

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    Let's See...18th jyada dur nahi, and do watch the video

    Quote Originally Posted by dhaneshv View Post
    P.S: I am also a Google fan. :thumbup1:
    I'm Blackle fan , Though Blackle searches are powered by Google Custom Search...
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    Guy whatever you say but noone comes to the level of Google. It's impossible for one to make such a great search engine. To gather the data on web, analyse it, store it, mine it ( finding out hidden patterns)

    I recently read one article related to it in which author said that you often find that many search engine comes up and they say that so-so search engine is Google Killer. But it's very difficult to make one, reason i said earlier. Though some search engines are there which provides excellent result for particular subject.

    Google is updating their search technology to provide more fruitful result..enjoy Googling!!

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