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PDA Phones and Laptops with Lamborghini

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    Default PDA Phones and Laptops with Lamborghini

    Always dreamt of owning a Lamborgini, the wonderful car but budget always stopped you. Don抰 worry now you can have a Lamborgini with you at a cheaper rate, it is not the car we are talking about, it is the PDA Phones and Laptops that Lamborgini has launched recently. In association with ASUS the providers of 3C solutions the VX2 Notebook costing Rs.2 lakhs and the ZXI PDA phones of approx. Rs.48,000/- in the country. Style is the punch of fame for the Lamborgini and maintaining that quotient a notebook is being launched that has in-built camera on screen top of high resolution that complements the Lamborgini Car抯 sapphire crystal panel. Titanium alloy hinge backbone is also being complimented.

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    ha ha
    nice way to fullfil the standred....

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