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Look before you buy: The best TV options

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    Default Look before you buy: The best TV options

    Wondering whether it should be a LCD, Plasma or LED this time? What TV would perfectly fit your living room and as well earn the envy of the next door neighbors? With such questions looming inside the mind, buying a television set can be a pretty laborious task, made all the more difficult by the endless number of technologies, colors, screen sizes, features and brands available in the market.
    With the advent of newer and newer technology and existing technology becoming obsolete in the blink of an eye, we are daily exposed to novel jargons. Not only the common man, but also the extremely tech-savvy person is finding it immensely stressful to choose which the right TV to buy is.
    There is nothing called the best. You have to talk about customization, that is, the one that is best suited for you. Here is a list of the best TVs that you can buy based on a small television, a large screen one, a plasma TV or a three dimensional television.

    32 inch Televisions: Ideal for Bedrooms and Small Rooms
    Nowadays the majority of living rooms cannot fit in a TV larger than 32 inch. In this option you can get a LCD or even an LED, but usually you have to do without plasma. Here are the 5 best 32 inch televisions:
    ? Toshiba 32HL833B: This entry level model of Toshiba provides complete HD resolution with LED backlighting coupled with good color dispersion as well as brilliant contrast and sharpness.

    ? LG 32LV550T: It抯 a handsome piece loaded with a variety of features like Wi-Fi, complete HD resolution, LED lighting, as well as TruMotion processing. On the whole, it抯 an excellent picture player.

    ? Toshiba 32RL858B: With an extraordinary silver look clubbed with unusually slim bezel and ultra-thin rear, this model offers a good buy within budgets. Noteworthy features include HD tuner, multimedia playback and complete HD resolution.

    ? Panasonic TX-L32E30B: Packed with good features like online system Viera Connect, USB recording and DLNA capabilities, this model of Panasonic offers sharp, high-quality colored pictures and a wide angle of vision.

    ? Sony KDL-32EX524: This good for everything model offers decent pictures and smart features. It is able to play content received from multifarious sources like Sony抯 video portal, Blu-ray players, connected computers and USB devices.

    37 inch televisions: for those Vying for a Large Screen
    For those who are struggling with the decision to shift from a massive 28 inch antediluvian model towards 42 inch long plasma, the 37 inch models are a largely competitive buy. Read through to choose the best one for you.
    ? Toshiba 37RL853B: Enriched with a plethora of picture adjustment features, this is an excellent HD screen model. It can provide home networking with its range of online systems.

    ? Panasonic TX-L37E30B: With an outstanding gunmetal gray color, this LED model provides sophisticated networking. Other features include Panasonic抯 Viera Connect accessibility, Freeview HD, more than average picture quality, and above par media support.

    ? Sony KDL-37EX524: The online video service of this model will definitely please you with its great many video contents. This black beautiful set delivers remarkable movie-like pictures with the help of its Blu-ray discs.

    ? Sharp LC-37LE320: Up to date and reasonably priced, this Sharp model has features like LED screen with backlighting, color vibrancy as well as sharpness of image. It is an ideal buy for lovers of LCD TVs.

    ? Panasonic TX-L37E5B: This model scores high in versatility. Although devoid of any 3D features, it largely appeals with its impressive and steady images. The smart TV flairs of this model make it highly recognizable.

    42 inch televisions: Catering to the Plasma Flair
    A late 90s arrival, the 42 inch, or the so-called plasma screens appeased the palate for flat screens. Now the 42 inch has many variations in plasma, LCD and LED. This category also offers the most reasonable prices.
    ? LG 42PW450T: This 42-inch plasma model offers many features at par with 3D TV. Noteworthy features include user-friendly menu system, nice-looking frame, HD images and high quality sound.
    ? Samsung UE40D5520: This model is a wonderful juxtaposition of attractive design and great many features. Given its smart TV characteristics and exceptionally brilliant picture settings, it makes for an affordable buy.
    ? Panasonic TX-P42ST30B: This model is one of the most reasonably priced 3D plasmas. It is packed with powerful plasma attributes such as innovative screen filter, lesser consumption of power and quicker switching phosphors.
    ? Toshiba 40RL858B: Fairly slim and proficient with good features and packed with smart TV aspects, this model makes for a standard medium priced TV. The versatility of this mid-range model makes it one of the top performers.
    ? LG 42LW550T: It抯 a real innovation in what is called passive 3D. The model has exclusive features like bright images and a wide range of multimedia options.

    3D Televisions: being Futuristic
    A noteworthy creation utilizing the concept that your brain is able to process two distinct images hitting the eyes, the latest version of 3d televisions available is the complete HD 3D. Read through for some of the best buys.
    ? Panasonic TX-P42GT30B: A crucial weapons in Panasonic抯 crusade against 3D LED vendors, this model is an excellent performer both in 3D and 2D with its bold color imitation.

    ? Panasonic TX-P42VT30B: With its high quality spec, this model is a brilliant example as to why plasma has become a largely effective television technology for this 3D era.

    ? Samsung UE46D7000: Exclusive skinny bezel design clubbed with capability of 3D downloads and superior versatility makes this model a trendsetter of avant-garde technology.

    ? Philips 46PFL9705H: Probably the best 3D LCD on earth, this model of Phillips is power packed with multimedia tools, matchless audio features, extravagant design and clear, vivid pictures.

    ? Samsung UE55D8000: What is exclusive about this model is its contrast performance. With bezel thickness of 5 mm, this model offers brilliant 3D quality triggered by unparalleled clarity and color.
    Whether you are in search of plasma, LCD or LED, go for the right television that caters to your room size and your preference. A good research will definitely get you a reasonably priced model ideal for your needs.
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    These are all old models and some of them not even sold in India. Please post relevant information. Thanks.
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