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Best digital camera

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    Default Best digital camera

    which is the best digital camera... ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rishabhsachan01 View Post
    which is the best digital camera... ?
    Its depend on your needs and budget and i have Canon PowerShot A2300 Point & Shoot (Blue) , and truly stasified with it

    and by the way it is not the correct place for this question you will get more info in shopping sites(like flipcart my fav) reviews and the forum which is built for these things.

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    Best camera depends upon lot of things and especially budget. If you can answer the following questions, may be I can guide you to an extent:

    - What will you be photographing in general? Family snaps/Casual/Party or is it a deep routed interest such as Landscape photography, Portraits, Fashion, etc.?
    - Will you be printing photographs especially in large size (8"x10" and above)?
    - Will photography be your hobby or profession?
    - Budget?
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    I use a Nikon P520 which is a point and soot so not really professional stuff but its good for newbies like me The pictures come out really good and you would love them on a large TV screen as well.

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    I am using Sony DSC-HX20V/B and its a cool camera with amazing results.

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