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Off Grid Solar inverter for 24/7 power for an air cooler

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    Default Off Grid Solar inverter for 24/7 power for an air cooler

    I am planning to build a solar inverter to power an air-cooler or desert cooler as some people call it which would blow cool air into the stairs. I will set it up on the terrace on the 6th floor and would pull air from outside and blow into the mumty which is enclosed from all sides except from the ground floor entrance where there is ample space for the the air exhaust. The idea is to keep the Stairs and the garage to some extent cool in the summer months without incurring any electricity costs.

    What I really want is to run the cooler off solar power during the day and off the batteries all night so the setup has to be such that it would run the cooler and also charge the batteries during the day.

    I haven't bought a cooler yet but what I want is a big cooler built out of iron sheets and a powerful blower due to the massive area it would need to keep cool and also not go bust when it is windy outside and the wind decides to blow towards the entrance creating a very high pressure zone so the fan and motor has to be reasonably powerful to withstand such pressures as I don't want the fan to be flying all over the place

    Fan motor would be about 200W and I believe the water pumps take a lot less may be 50W? I am not sure so any pointers would be great. I am not an electrical engg so I also need to figure out what power solar panels would go with this set up.

    Batteries : If there is no good reason to use any other then I would go with inva tubular Exide IT 550 or something similar that Exide does so there would be two of those I guess 300amps would be more then sufficient to run this cooler for 12-13hours? Also I dont want the batteries to drain more then 30-40% .

    Once the rain comes this power will be used to power a fridge that currently runs off a 1800va inverter when power goes off so I would like to switch the fridge completely to solar power.

    Now the bone of contention is that the per unit cost should at least be at par with what we pay for grid power which here in Delhi these days is Rs5+ (random guess as Ive never looked whats in the bill lately). I dont mind building a greater capacity setup if it means reduction in cost per unit if economies of scale help atall but if it is a marginal difference then I would first see how this cooler thing goes before setting up anything bigger to get the feel.

    I would also appreciate if you could provide some links to company websites with prices for the solar panels and charge controllers.
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    SU KAM has solar inverter systems. I am not sure but you may get some govt subsidy also.

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    Sukam ones are not off grid. They are grid interactive ones.

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