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how many laptops can we carry from US to India

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    Default how many laptops can we carry from US to India

    Hi every one. I am sorry if i am posting this thread in a wrong category.

    My uncle had been to US last week and he had purchased two laptops there one for him and one for me which costs nearly INRs. 95,000/-. I wanted to know does this attract customs duty in India?

    If so, is there any alternative to fix it (Can he request his co traveller to carry one laptop at the custom check and manage).

    I surfed regarding this but i cannot make out what exactly CBEC rules are saying. Please help me out of this.

    Addl Info:
    Period of stay is : More than 3 days

    Value of purchase : $1450/-

    Date of return to India : 22/12/2014

    Thanks in advance

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    Dont go on what I say, but from what I know if he carried two laptops custom duty would be put on a least one of the laptops if not both of them. It would be safe to give his co traveler a laptop to carry. It would be easy if he knows the traveler otherwise I dont think any random person would carry someone elses laptop.

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    Genreally the free duty amount is upto 35000INR / person (excluding his personal belonings). So the second laptop would be charged @ 35% of the rest of the duty free amount.

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    Is it not one laptop per passenger? If so I dont think they would be allowed to carry it as hand luggage.

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    I think buying from your home Town is better thank you for the better service in future.

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