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LG Spectrum: A Classic Smartphone

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    Default LG Spectrum: A Classic Smartphone

    The clean design of the LG Spectrum is makes a preppy style for the fastest 4G LTE data speed. Embedding HD to smartphone is appreciable but sometime the interface can surely scare someone.

    The all new LG spectrum a dual core processor, fast LTE speeds, a HD stellar 4.5 inches display, Android 2.3 and numerous HD video features. The interface of the Spectrum is unmanageable and the camera quality and call quality are not consistent.

    LG Spectrum
    The spectrum is having an awesome HD display of 4.5 inches, a dual core snapdragon processor of 1.5 GHz and a terrific camera of 8 mega pixels which can support video recording of 1080p. The phone is having an Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and having a front camera of 1.3 mega pixels.
    There are several applications that are optimized with the HD playback which includes ESPN sports center and Netflix. With this phone LG has taken some high risk with the interface and it is not good at all. I personally find the performance and call quality also variable. Finally the LG spectrum is a nice device that comes in the same league as that of the Verizon抯 heavy hitters.

    The all new LG Spectrum is more appealing as compared to its other modes keeping the last year抯 LG Revolution. It抯 a complete personal preference; it may be possible that you could be disagreeing with me. The dimensions of this device is very nice with 5.3 inches height and 2.7 inches width whereas is its 0.42 inches thickness makes it different amongst others. As per the dimensions the weight of LG Spectrum is 5 ounces. The phone is pretty hard but not enough to be used for the battles, kicks or drops. Whereas the Corning Gorilla Glass screen makes it scratch resistant.
    The face of the LG Spectrum is glossy black covered with the metallic side strips. It is having a gray and black checkered back which makes it pretty beautiful. The slight back rounding makes it pretty handy.

    The Spectrum is having Android 2.3 installed on it. It is said that it will be upgradable to the Ice Cream Sandwich but there is no any guarantee and final words till now.
    LG has created its own user interface over the Android OS. It抯 having static buttons on the screen for the navigation. It抯 having seven customizable home screens which come with several preloaded widgets. The interface build above Android looks good whereas the usage seems a bit questionable.

    The all new LG Spectrum is having everything that comes with the Android 2.3 including GPS, Radio, and Bluetooth, WI-FI etc. It抯 also having support for social media including facebook, youtube and others. The Verizon app enables to use Spectrum as a hotspot for 10 devices. The swipe virtual keyboard is installed on the device but still it is not set as default on it. You can easily connect your cell phone through USB in order to synchronies your data with the system.

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    This phones really gives a smart look and really it is a classic phone.

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