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LG Optimus G (E975)

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    Default LG Optimus G (E975)

    LG's new phone the G Optimus (E975), is quite a looker. Well you can say its looks like all other smart phones these days!! As per the looks it looks very sleek and posh with a large 4.7-inch touch screen. Like the Samsung Galaxy and Notes this phone is ideal for browsing and gaming because of its large screen, you dont have to squint your eyes to read something.
    Ok so here are the features of the phone:

    -The LG Optimus G (E975) had an Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system, and yes Android its a big plus as these days its the best and most preferred operating system.
    -You get a 13MP primary camera with an LED flash. As comapred to most phones this is a major plus point because usually the standard MP you get on a phone camera are about 8 or 10MP. It also has a 1.3MP secondary camera.
    -The phone also has full HD recording, which again is a plus point seeing that some phones dont have full HD.
    -Its powered with a 1.5 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Krait processor
    -LG Optimus G (E975) weighs 145g
    -You get 15 hours of talktime and standby time of 335 hours
    - Internal memory is 32Gb

    Cost of the phone is : Rs 32990

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    It all sounds so good until you come to the price bit. I am amazed at the prices people are ready to pay these days for smart phones. Lives went on 7 years ago aswell when these costly phones didint exist. No doubt it sounds good the specs and all but that price is a deal breaker. I have used LG phones in the past back in 2003-2004 when they came out with those folding 3g phones with a rotating camera and they were not bad. Only NEC and LG were selling such phones in those days and samsung was no where to be found in the 3g phones market.

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    Actually these days smart phones with screen size of around a 4 inch all come around this sort of price, and yes people do buy them! Whether its because of the features, the touch features and the screen size, but they sell.

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