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Connecting to Undernet thru mIRC

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    Arrow Connecting to Undernet thru mIRC

    Hi All,

    I'm a Railwire customer at Bangalore. Not able to connect to Undernet servers thru mIRC. Tried checking with the railwire support & recd absolutely no response from them. Support is pretty bad, though I dont face any other issues.

    While am able to connect to some other IRC servers like abjects, connecting to Undernet is not possible at all & I get K-lined

    Anyone else able to connect ?

    Thanks !


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    As it is, India does not have any irc servers on any of the major networks. That's a big disadvantage to irc users from India, as a lot many servers configure i-lines based on geo-ip and location.

    You could try connecting to a different server if one fails because k-lines are not always network wide - they could also be just server bans and who knows you just might get lucky. A list of the servers for undernet and ports are:,7000
    Lelystad.NL.EU.UnderNet.Org:6666,6667,6668,7000,9000,7000, 7000,6665-6667,7000,6665-6667,7000,7000,6668,6669,7000,7000

    And if that doesn't work for you you just might need to use a proxy or get yourself a psybnc/bnc shell on servers outside India. Its about time someone with huge bandwidth or an isp start an irc server and network some in the country and even link up with them undernets and efnets and dalnets. But doesn't look like any of these isps know **** or even care about irc

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