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Railwire Broadband Service Plans

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    Default Railwire Broadband Service Plans

    Formed with the objective of covering the length and breadth of the nation with broadband services for upgradation of Train Control Operation and the optimization of Safety systems for Indian railways in 2000 by RailTel, Railwire now comes to your homes. Spread over major and minor cities and metros, it covers more than 5000 stations. It is great news for all home and commercial users since it has the most widespread network and an aim of spreading to the masses, affordable for all households businesses, small, medium and corporate houses, a Government of India enterprise.

    Affordability and application and content driven network are the few benefits which are bound to attract you. They have a plan for everyone and you can choose according to your usage and requirement. Here's a list.

    Home Access : Unlimited Plans
    Home Access : FUP Plan
    SME Access : Combo Plan
    Corporate Access : Unlimited Plan

    Home Access : Unlimited Plan

    This plan is best suited for home users and there are a lot of options of plans with great speed ranging from 256 Kbps to 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps and even 4 Mbps. Railwire is putting in efforts for 24 hour connectivity of its users at the comfort of their homes. Hassle free connectivity and world-class service at your doorstep. As you will find, the charges for these plans are very reasonable.
    Plan Number Port Speed Plan Rental(INR)
    iRW002 256 Kbps 320
    iRW004 512 Kbps 620
    iRW006 1 Mbps 920
    iRW008 2 Mbps 1450
    iRW010 4 Mbps 2176

    Home Access : FUP Plan

    This is a brilliant scheme in which your experience will never be compromised even at peak rush hours and you can enjoy unlimited broadband usage even on those heavy traffic festive days and you can connect with the people you love. This plan offers amazingly high Port speeds of 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps and 4 Mbps and reasonable monthly rentals. These packages have indeed been introduced for your luxury. Have a good look.

    Plan Number Port Speed* Monthly Rental** Data Usage After FUP
    iRWFUP030 1 Mbps 749 40GB 256 Kbps
    iRWFUP032 2 Mbps 1050 60GB 348 Kbps
    iRWFUP034 4 Mbps 1250 75GB 512 Kbps

    SME Access: Compo Plan

    This is an economic plan for small and medium businesses where unlimited broadband usage is inevitable. Railwire treats customers as its priority and has introduced quarterly and yearly rental plans for their convenience and satisfaction. Industries or institutions having more than 5 computers are considered as Small and Medium Business Enterprises. With an excellent Port Speed ranging from as low as 256 Kbps to as fast as 1 Mbps to the fastest Port Speed of 2 Mbps, there is a lot to choose from. With the scheme for quarterly and yearly payment options, Railwire has made the lives of people very easy. There's a minimal charge of 50 paisa per MB for additional usage.
    Plan Number Port Speed* Quarterly rental** Data Usage Yearly Rental**
    iRWCUB052 256 Kbps 2,100 4GB 8,400
    iRWCUB054 512 Kbps 8,400 21Gb 33,600
    iRWCUB056 1 Mbps 9,000 20Gb 36,000
    iRWCUB058 1 Mbps 12,000 30GB 48,000
    iRWCUB060 2 Mbps 21,000 56GB 84,000
    iRWCUB062 2 Mbps 24,000 66GB 96,000

    Corporate Access: Unlimited Plan

    Railwire has kept the best interest of its Corporate customers at heart. Introducing flexible tariff plans for corporate customers. Quarterly and yearly payment packages are offered to corporate customers where the usage is very high and everyone is working on the same pages simultaneously. Not to worry because Railwire offers high Port Speeds of up to 8 Mbps. In companies where internet usage is less, low speeds of 256 Kbps and 512 Kbps are a great option which can be subscribed at quarterly and yearly rentals.
    Plan Number Port Speed Quarterly rental Yearly Rental
    iRWCUL082 256 Kbps 6,060 24,240
    iRWCUL084 512 Kbps 10,860 43,440
    iRWCUL086 1 Mbps 18,060 72,240
    iRWCUL088 2 Mbps 36,060 144,240
    iRWCUL090 4 Mbps 63,060 252,240
    iRWCUL092 8 Mbps 108,060 432,240

    Information you can use:
    Contention ratio of Port speeds is 1:4.
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