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Railwire - Your IP already downloading a file - Error

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    Default Railwire - Your IP already downloading a file - Error

    Hi - I am using railwire in Chengalpattu (Chennai - Tamilnadu) - we are getting good speed as said ( mine is 1MBPS Unlimited) ( it always connects at 1.2 MBPS at - We are able to download torrents and youtube and others.

    Only thing is that we are not able able to download any files from Free File Hoster like letitbit and etc (all others) - It always says that your IP is already downloading a file. Though you dont download any file, it always says that your IP is downloading a file.

    what is the issue here ?? Can any one suggest how to download file from Filehosters like Letitbit and others ????

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    This whole free file upload and download business thing needs money from some where to keep afloat. When you download your file for others to download, have you thought where the money comes from for the server that is being used and other infrastructure and how is the business owner making money out of it? Afterall nothing is free in this world.

    When you upload a file it takes a bit of expense to keep it stored and ready for downloading for others and that money comes from advertisments on the download page but mainly from people who subscribe for faster downloads or from those who dont want to wait before they can download. It is upto the webmaster to allow or restrict certain IP addresses or certain ranges.

    Now coming to your own IP address : Your IP may be a shared IP and other people might be using the same service that you are trying to use but if that is not the case then the webmaster is restricting your IP range from downloading free of charge to make you subscribe for a paid account.

    Railwire has nothing to do with this otherwise. Stick to torrents I would say. Downloading from such sources is not free of risks and you may get your computer infected one day. Torrents on the other hand have reviews from other users so you would know what is safe and what is not.

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