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Torrent Downloads not working on Railwire / Blocked traffic ??

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    Default Torrent Downloads not working on Railwire / Blocked traffic ??

    Since couple of days , Torrents are not downloading on my railwire conenction.I'm curious anyone facing same issue ?? Is it just me or mostly ISP blocking torrent traffic suddenly.I know it was working couple of days ago , and for sure it's not configuration issue from my end.

    I was going through all tracker list in top torrents & most of those are not responding.I saw only couple of http trackers responding currently & all udp failing (either timeout or unable to connect to host).Since same setup was working before , I can be sure config isn't an issue ; still checked on my Mac/Windows as well & since mostly on server (LAN setup) I'm using Linux pretty much everything's not responding.I can surf so even that's ruled out ; still I changed DNS just to be sure (I know , desperate times).Even when some of http trackers are responding , none of torrents actually downloaded anything.So tracker availability is sorta irrelevant here probably.

    I'd really appreciate any help , since I can't directly contact ISP asking if they're blocking p2p traffic ? But as a last step , I'll do that as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiberUser23 View Post
    Hello, I just want to say that i am a railwire customer from past 4 months and trust me it is the best internet provider with zero network issues. Its not like that creepy BSNL. Also they have very good plans for normal customers and for Railway employees they are giving 50% off in plans so i will say go for it. As Railwire is tied up with worlds biggest IT firm GOOGLE so just thing which type of service and quality they are providing. They also have an ANDROID app"RAILWIRE BROADBAND USAGE" that shows your DAILY BROADBAND USAGE which is really helpful to check our statics through that app.

    You can Download that app from google play store :-

    So, At the end i will say RAILWIRE is best broadband service than any other. Strongly recommended.
    I'm not denying your experience , I've faced some issues as I mentioned previously in my post.Plans currently are definitely better than BSNL.It's too soon for me to comment on anything else.

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