I'm planning to get a new connection from railwire. The wired broadband facility is not available here yet but they provide the service through wireless point to point thingy. Please answer the following queries

1. How is online gaming basically CSGO and Rocket League?
2. What about the CPE they provide, can I buy it from open market and can I return it if I choose to discontinue the service if I buy from railwire itself? They are giving Mikrotik sxt lite5, is it good?
3. They are charging 4500 for Mikrotik CPE? Overpriced much!?
4. Any kind of roaming for eg if I took the CPE to another city and start browsing upright.
5. Throttling?

BTW the guy said they are not giving out new connection for a week for some shady reasons so I can decide till then.