I was using Railwire for a year and I was satisfied with their unlimited home plans but this month I decided to go with their SME plan which provides you guaranteed 1:2 connection speed + 1 static IP.
I brought their 1 Mbps SME plan for 1953/- per month and they told me that you will get the speed ratio - 1:2 ie: 512kbps transfer/download rate but the actual download speed I am getting is only 128Kbps.
I can't understand the benefit of SME plan except 1 static IP. You pay more for less speed as I was using their regular 2Mbps plan (speed ratio 1:8) for 1249/- and I was getting 256Kbps download/transfer which was good.
I am getting the same ping/network latency (20ms-40ms) in both SME and regular plans.

Do not buy their SME plans as you will get nothing extra but a static IP

I have contacted their customer support and I will update this thread when I get the response.